Are you familiar with Sûti pellet stoves? The Liège-based company led by Pierre Girretz has distinguished itself by developing a smart pellet stove. Revolutionary for its design, for its efficiency (94.6%) but also for its environmental-friendliness, it was the winner of a European award at the Verona International Fair in early 2020. This award caused a sudden increase in the number of orders, which led Pierre Girretz to seek ways to increase the company’s production capacity while taking into account the constraints linked to the seasonality of this activity. “Our product offers high added value. We need a flexible but stable team. We felt that temporary work contracts did not meet these requirements and it was quite naturally that we turned to Ateliers Jean Del’Cour,” explained Pierre Girretz.

A team from JD’C has been reinforcing the Sûti team for a few months now. “Of course, it has taken some time to adapt but the team is now beginning to stabilise and we are happy to contribute to local employment while at the same time calling on people with disabilities,” confirmed the Liège-based entrepreneur, who is sensitive to JD’C’s social approach. The icing on the cake, according to Pierre Girretz, is the ability to rely on a very responsive sales contact who is immersed in the realities of the company and proposes the necessary adaptations to optimise the collaboration. “A real win-win partnership”, said Pierre Girretz.