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    Colibri: small actions for the environment

    In January, JD’C announced the launch of the “Colibri” project designed to support a proactive approach to concretely reduce the impact of our activities on the environment with, in the long term, the achievement of official certification. Several avenues for…

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    A JD’C team at Sûti

    Are you familiar with Sûti pellet stoves? The Liège-based company led by Pierre Girretz has distinguished itself by developing a smart pellet stove. Revolutionary for its design, for its efficiency (94.6%) but also for its environmental-friendliness, it was the winner…

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    Le Ministre DUCARME en visite chez JD’C

    Ce jeudi 31 octobre, Monsieur Denis Ducarme, Ministre Fédéral des Classes Moyennes, des PME, de l’Agriculture et de l’Intégration Sociale est venu visiter les activités du site de Grâce-Hollogne. Le Ministre s’est dit impressionné par les capacités de notre entreprise…

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    75% of satisfied customers!

    At JD’C, we are firmly convinced of the fact that a policy of continuous improvement is crucial for ensuring the quality of our products and services, customer satisfaction and the development of our staff. This is why we have been…

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