In January, JD’C announced the launch of the “Colibri” project designed to support a proactive approach to concretely reduce the impact of our activities on the environment with, in the long term, the achievement of official certification. Several avenues for improvement have been explored by working groups, resulting in “sub-projects” covering the various environmental aspects (water, air, energy, waste, etc.). Action plans have been drawn up on the following topics:

– Relighting – replacing the lighting in our halls in Hauts-Sarts with technology that reconciles energy savings, a positive effect on the safety and well-being of staff while ensuring a satisfactory return on investment.

– Waste sorting – optimisation of internal collection methods and solutions proposed by service providers.

– Quickwins – identification and implementation of low-cost improvements that offer an immediate or very short-term impact on the environment. This is based in particular on the participation of staff who can express themselves through suggestion boxes.

– Carpooling – finding ways to quantify and encourage the sharing of means of transport in order to improve mobility.

– Integrated Management System (IMS) – gradually evolving the current management system (EN9100 – ISO 9001) towards a simpler and more integrated system that will also take into account the environment (ISO 14001) and safety (ISO 45001).

Some projects have been implemented (Relighting, Quickwins), while others are on standby because of Covid (Carpooling), but most are continuing on their trajectory. There is still a long way to go, but we are making progress.