JD’C offers environmental solutions

    Here at Ateliers Jean Del’Cour (part of the JD’C group), we introduced a range of environmental and social housing renovation services back in 2008.

    Our team boasts the expertise to address the needs of organisations of all sizes across the public and private sectors.

    Our team

    Our Environment Division employs a team of around 20 operatives with specialist training in building techniques and certifications (VCA safety certification, work at height, etc.). Our staff are capable of delivering high-quality, professional-grade, bespoke services.

    Nos services

    • Site cleaning, especially vacuum cleaning prior to the installation of polyurethane floor screeds.
    • Renovation and decoration of social housing (painting, ceiling installation, indoor and outdoor upholstery, etc.).
    • Brickwork support (form setting, brick mix, tracing support, etc.).
    • Ground-keeping: lawn-mowing, pruning, hedge-trimming, weed removal.
    • Cemetery cleaning, etc.