In a world marked by the ongoing health crisis that has lasted more than a year so far, it has become difficult to project ourselves into the future. With children deprived of their carefree spirit, teenagers denied their freedom and senior citizens unable to fully benefit from the fruits of their labour, we are at risk of losing our sense of meaning.

While vaccination may offer a slight hope of ending certain deprivations, making short-term plans remains a difficult task. Despite all this, people are adapting and moving forward. Our company has weathered this crisis in a more than satisfactory manner, and we can be proud of this. It is therefore essential to be optimistic and to ask the right questions in order to keep our sense of purpose and, above all, our joy.

This year, the Human Resources department will try to give comfort and recognition to its staff through two major projects. The two main areas of work will be the transition to the cloud version of our time registration system and the development of a training plan. Initially, the Protime project will require us to revise our work regulations and collective agreements again. Flexibility and teleworking will be two unavoidable subjects. They have now become standard practice. Secondly, we are working hard on developing a training plan. The creation of a management tool and a reporting tool will enable us to develop our staff’s skills in the medium and long term.

If these two projects turn out to be successful, they will open other doors for the future in terms of HR and well-being at work. We are excited and committed to this idea because you make this company what it is: a great story!