In collaboration with Liège’s University,  JD’C Innovation makes some composites pieces for the prototype car of Shell EcoProject.

Technifutur’s students, who are in for their composites materials training, takes a large part of this project and are mandated to makes some parts in carbon fiber!

The main objective of this collaboration ULG / JDC / Technifutur is to lighten up the vehicle showcased by the University.
Various pieces should be produced :

  • The “lower” shell because the current one is not stiff enough in the bends.
  • The “higher” shell because the current one is not well enough designed at the fastenings and therefore had to be reinforced by an alluminium shape (heavy).
  • The rims: four rims plus two backup rims are planned to use the tubeless tires.
  • The other elements (aluminium plates for siding, brake pedal, …)

Prototype ShellEco Marathon Prototype ShellEco MarathonPrototype ShellEco Marathon

To begin with the easiest part for Technifutur students, the “other elements” were manufactured first. The metallic parts were replaced by composite parts (black metal).
Their work already allowed a gain of almost two kilos!


Weight gain : Carbon Pieces
Piece Origin weight Carbon wieght Gain
Brake pedal 81g 50g 31g
Back siding 2210g 1408g 802g
Front siding 2018g 1031g 987g

Out of a total weight of 120kg, the actual gain is 1,820kg.
The next step is to produce the rims!