It was with great pleasure that the Technical Division’s methods and sales teams received two new orders from IBA in February.

The Louvain-la-Neuve-based company is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of cyclotrons for medical use. These ‘particle accelerators’ use nuclear research technology and represent the cutting edge in cancer treatment. Although the connection work required of us is within the requirements we are used to working with, it involves a series of very specific constraints, including, for example, the logistical and packaging aspects.

When the 220 or so harnesses, all of which are different, leave Grâce-Hollogne in May 2021, they will be sent to a construction site somewhere in the world, where local electricians will have to install them without hindrance or hesitation on a dedicated site, for which our cables will constitute the umbilical cord. For the past month, the entire connectivity team has been on deck, with the enthusiastic collaboration of the IBA team, working to transform these two pilot projects into a commercial success that will make JD’C a reference partner for IBA.