Machining & welding

    Expert services for all industries

    Our Machining and Welding Departments together employ around 15 operatives, overseen by a controller and a production manager.

    Our services

    Our Machining Department mainly carries out milling and turning work.

    Here at Ateliers Jean Del’Cour, we use digitally controlled milling and turning machines.

    Our firm also provides metal beam drilling services.

    • We specialise in drilling, threading, deburring and sawing work.
    • We have a hoist capable of lifting weights of up to 2.5 tonnes.
    • Our operatives are able to work on parts of any size, including extremely large or heavy items.
    • We have thermal lances for oxy-fuel cutting.

    A broad skill set

    Our welding facility offers a broad skill set.

    We weld steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts.

    Our skilled operatives are proficient at TIG, arc and semi-automatic welding.

    Our company is ISO 9001 certified.

    • Tow hitches
    • Stainless steel drain access ladders
    • Light fixtures
    • Damper blocks on back-up generators
    • Food tray trolleys (Lunch Garden)
    • Precision part trolleys


    • Traditional carbon steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminium
    • Titanium
    • Exotic alloys
    • etc.

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