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    A Social Enterprise

    Ateliers Jean Del’Cour was founded in 1965 and currently employs more than 400 people, led by a team of qualified supervisors.

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    Our professional, high-performance team delivers solutions across a wide range of sectors and services, from packaging to cabling, machining and welding.

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    Note Covid-19


    Dear customers, dear partners, dear suppliers,  The situation caused by COVID-19i s evolving from day to day. As you know, the Federal Government has imposed a much stricter confinement period since Wednesday 18 March, while leaving companies the opportunity to…


    Ce jeudi 31 octobre, Monsieur Denis Ducarme, Ministre Fédéral des Classes Moyennes, des PME, de l’Agriculture et de l’Intégration Sociale est venu visiter les activités du site de Grâce-Hollogne. Le Ministre s’est dit impressionné par les capacités de notre entreprise…


    The Diapason project was launched in late 2018. “It concerns our connectivity department. Its aim is to reduce stress among our workers and improve comfort in the working environment so that production is of a higher quality, more efficient and…